Collage Artworks – Capod’opera


I had the opportunity to work for Capod’opera, an italian furniture brand.
They asked me to create 5 pieces of art, that were in-line with their 2016 collection,
presented in January at IMM Cologne 2016.
I was very happy to create 5 artworks, using a collage tecnique.
Client: Capod’opera
Art Direction: Alessio Bassan
Interior Design and Product: Alessio Bassan e Silvano Pierdonà
5 Artworks: Andrea Bax
Styling&Props: Conti/Marchetti Studio
Photo: Fabio Girardi

CollageArtwork_02 CollageArtwork_03 CollageArtwork_04CollageArtwork_045


Skills: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Client: Capod'opera