Discovery Italia – Deejay TG

We were commissioned by Discovery Channel Italia to work on the new ident of ‘Deejay TG’.
The concept is based on the circular element.
The identity intends to follow what will be the trend of smartwatch and the vision of the classic clock.
It’s always a pleasure to work with my bro Loris Alessandria and expecially our friend Marino Capitanio!

Deejay TG – Ident from Revolution Department on Vimeo.

Client: Discovery Channel Italia
Client Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti
Client Producer: Cristina Mazzocca
Art direction: Loris F. Alessandria / Marino Capitanio / Andrea Bax
Design: Marino Capitanio / Loris F. Alessandria
Animation: Marino Capitanio
Producer: Simona Ferraro
Music & Sound Design: Smider
Skills: Art Direction, Branding, Motion Design
Client: Discovery Italia