Gucci #24HourAce

A simple but funny video, created for Gucci, using the beautiful collage of Lucia Mesegeur.

“Lucia Mesegeur’s minimalist collage mixes the familiar and the strange, creating eclectic pop art constructed from body parts and household objects. Playful arrangements of anatomical impossibilities—a row of faces peering out from behind a fashionable figure’s back, stray arms and legs adding gesture to static objects—give the Spain-based collagist’s work a quirky, edgy personality. Mesegeur animates the Gucci Ace with collaged hands and sassy legs, suggesting the characters who might be wearing these shoes, and where they might confidently stride off to, applying lipstick or riffing on an electric guitar.”

Concept & Collage Lucía Meseguer Fuentes
Animation: Andrea Bax
Audio: Smider

Skills: Motion Design, Video
Client: Gucci